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Ms. Sita Poudyal

Bright Star Human Resources (P.) Ltd.. is a gateway between Nepalese workers in foreign employer. It is duly registered by the Government of Labour vide License No. 703/064/065. Its main purpose is to explore the competent expert human resources and to make available in the international job market as per the requirement of the foreign employers. We have close association with reputed polytechnic Institution from where we promote the skills of our workers like un-skilled to semi-skilled, skilled and meet up the requirements of the client companies exactly as per their demand. It functions as a bridge between Nepal and manpower importing nations around the world.

The company operates in Kathmandu, Nepal's capital. Fully equipped with complete facilities that an international standard company needs, the Bright Star Human Resources (P.) Ltd. explores employment to thousands of Nepalese youth every year. It has reservoir of complete solution to the need of human resource. We source our manpower through advertisement and through our official channels for semi-skilled and unskilled and professional manpower. We headhunt to meet the demand of highly technical and professional manpower. Today, a huge number of such manpower throng to our company for quality and prompt service. Bright Star Human Resources (P.) Ltd. has a fully equipped management with the swift service aimed at our consumers across the globe. The company has a very fast mechanism to respond all enquiries relating to the Industry. Bright Star Human Resources (P.) Ltd. believes in competency blended with quality. The company can provide a complete solution of the requirement of Nepalese manpower abroad.

  • Promote Nepal's labor market by exploring international job market and trends and make available of Nepalese workers accordingly.
  • The right workers for the right job as per the need of the Employer.
  • To introduce - Nepali People's identity in the world about their sincerity, honesty, ability, adaptability as per the need of the Employer in any job, bravery, hard working and honest workforce
  • To make them familiar about new and advance technologies in abroad.
  • Headhunting for professional manpower for outbound employment.
  • To expand our business through out the world by supplying our most dedicated Nepalese workers.
  • To curtail unemployment problem of Nepal
  • To support Nepal's national economy by improving individual's economical status by dint of foreign employment.


Bright Star Human Resources (P.) Ltd. is committed to enhance customers' satisfaction continually by recruiting Nepalese human resources as per the requirement of foreign employers.

  • To fully comply with the laws and acts of Ministry of Labor & Transport Management of Nepal
  • To Provide Unskilled, Semi-skilled, skilled, highly skilled and professional manpower required for both products oriented & service oriented jobs.
  • To actualize at least 90% of the demands received in a year


Manpower industry has a marvelous scope in Nepal. Its economy today is largely reliant on remittance from foreign employment. Thus, its scope and prospects are quite understandable. Nepalese manpower is best known for their honesty, hard work and dedication. The history of manpower dates back to two hundred years. It began with the Gurkhas of Nepal being recruited in colonial British Army in India during early 19th century. The repute of Nepalese workers still continues in the same spirit. But these days Nepalese youth are not only working for British and Indian army, but also work in different capacities internationally. What they share in common is their honesty and hard work. The importance of industry is on the rise due to the mounting unemployment problem in Nepal. Thousand of youth every year try their future in foreign employment for a better living standard. Thus the foreign employment is in the priority of the government policy. The government is introducing foreign employment-friendly policy for the benefit of larger portion of Nepalese youth. More than 300 thousand Nepalese enter employment market every year. This is an enormous burden for the government to manage. This has caused us an urgency to identify new employment destinations. The government of Nepal has opened about four dozen countries for foreign employment. Of them, the countries in the Middle East occupy prominent positions to employ Nepalese workers.


Firstly we extend our heartly thanks for showing your interest in our organization.

This is my pleasure to introduce ourselves as one of the leading & professional recruiting manpower companies in Nepal, supply manpower to various countries, especially the Gulf.

I like to bring our valued client's notice that Bright Star Human Resources Pvt. Ltd. with its competent staff members, stands for quality manpower services in order to meet required demand of clients.

I always consider the fact the human potentiality should be utilized to the maximum extent for the betterment of the world. Hence, our priority is always to bridge up the opportunities and the Human resources. In short, we undertake the responsibility to provide the right man for the right job. Service is our Motto.